Robin Richmond's Genealogy Database


This is my new Database-Driven Family Tree site, which supplements, rather than replaces, my original Public Family Tree Reports site at .

This new site is based on a very interesting and powerful commercial family tree/genealogy web application called TNG (see the page footer) that I found in early August, 2013. I have barely begun to exercise its full capabilities. It organizes data very differently from the way I organized my older web site. This site is based on the ability to browse among any and all of the over 7000 people in my family tree database, and to generate "dynamic" family trees - reports that are created as you ask for them. This site also presents photos, notes, histories, and data sources that are missing from my original site, and has better security, based on users' personal userids and private passwords, which are unknown even to me.

You don't have to be logged in to see most of my data, but you do have to have an account, and to log in, to see living people.

So give it a try - use the Search form on the right, or the "People to Start With" link below the form", and on the detailed information pages, look for:

  • These brown tabs:
    1. Ancestor & Descendant Reports
    2. The Relationship Tool that tells you how two people in the database are related
    3. The Timeline Report
  • These White-on-slate-blue links just below the brown tabs:
    1. Media, which shows you
      1. Photos,
      2. Scanned documents (census logs, death certificates, county death indexes, marriage certificates, etc.),
      3. "Histories" - short biographies, family histories, and anecdotes; and
      4. Gravestone Photos
    2. Sources, which shows you the documentation sources for the data in the person's record
      (Note that some, but not all, of those sources may be represented as Scanned Documents), and
    3. The Event Map, which shows you a map of the events that have occured in that person's life
  • And these features in menus at the top or bottom of the page:
    1. Surnames - A list of family names in the database, and then a list of all of the people with that family name
    2. Dates - People who were born, died, married, etc. on any given day.
    3. Cemeteries - All of the people (in my database) who are buried in certain cemeteries that I add to a list (not fully implemented)..
      To see all, or nearly all, of the cemeteries in a county, or the people buried in a cemetery, visit the amazing (and free) web site.
    4. A Print Button, which doesn't actually Print, but rather, very helpfully displays the data in a more printer-friendly way - without the graphical header, the navigation menus, and the footer). You can then hit control-p or do whatever you ordinarily do to print the page you're looking at.

Note: You can shift-click on the "People to start with" link in the right margin to open that page in a separate window so you can keep these instructions handy while you browse.

FWIW, on my old Family Tree Reports sites, rather than browse among any and all people in my database, you browse among 200 or so "Family Group Trees" that I have generated off-line. Each "Family Group Tree" is associated with a single person and shows 2-4 generations of that person's descendants (generally enough to roughly fill a printed page). Some (not nearly all) of the Family Group Trees link to large whole-family reports, but again, the old site only can display reports that I have generated off-line and uploaded to my web site. So this new site is much, much more flexible, but...

  1. I still like my old report formats, and I will maintain both web sites until I am able to reprogram my reports so that they can be generated dynamically and fit into the new TNG website structure.
  2. And, since my family tree database is not just about "genealogy", but also about connecting with distant cousins, the family trees on my private reporting site show the last known residence of living people. That capability does not exist in the new TNG web site; I probably won't add it, except in the reports that I ultimately convert to work in the new TNG site..
Here's one last caveat about a place in TNG where the page flow is a little weird...

  • From a person's detail page, you can select "Media", "Sources", or "All" to display lists of media items (photos, histories, etc.) or data sources. That's the good news. The bad news is that, because of the way the application decides what to display, if you look at the detail for a media item or source, and use your browser's BACK button to go back to the person's detail page, that page will be displayed without the extra information (e.g. media or sources) that you request, and you'll have to select "Media", "Sources", or "All" again.

All in all - that's not too bad!!

Finally - if you find typos, missing data that you can fill in, or data that you dispute, please use the "Contact Us" or "Contact Me" link somewhere on the page to let me know about it.

If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.